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At home after a global Network Event
novembre 29, 2018


If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner  a developer….What would it be if You had the chance spending Two days connecting with people from all over the world, developing quality relationship in order to help each other out and create new opportunities all over the world? This is actually what happened to me and all the members and directors attending the BNI Global Convention in Bangkok in November this year. With a wonderful program of speakers from whom to learn and progress, with organized speed meetings, one to one meetings and informal discussions these two days as a member BNI were just exceptional.

When you attend a Global Convention of an international company or organization, it will give you a chance to receive high quality information and learn from those in charge or who has been active for a long time. At the BNI Gobal Convention 2018 we had the chance to listen to Dr Ivan Misner the founder of BNI (Business International Network) and some great Directors worldwide sharing in how to develop your network in a honest, effective and sustainable way, how to boost our local chapters for the benefits of all the members and how to dare set high goals professionally (or even personally) and be persistent, surrounded with supporting people to achieve them. We also got the chance to listen to Steve Faber a well-known keynote speaker Nr 1 Huffington Post who delivered a speech and a message worth going all the way to Bangkok for. He highlighted the importance to Do Business with Love – to Love what you Do – Love your customers -Love your business partners and it was just so rich with ideas and real examples. Something I will also bring with me is how he showed, in tremendous way, the importance to never give up on things you love to do outside your work. It’s worth to take those hours off, you owe it to the people around you because if you do things that you love, that you dream of, you will be filled with joy and love… and in that way be able to share it on. Steve Farber has always wanted to be a musician, life went differently as he had to sell his guitar in the twenties to get money but he never really gave up on his dream. Could he had demonstrated it in a better way than finishing his speech, to the surprise of many, by getting out his guitar singing on stage in front of 3000 people. I bet he could have had a great career as a musician too. To listen to all these speakers was an enriching experience but to attend a networking convention is mostly about connecting to new people and I can tell you that I got more than expected.

Being in my first year of BNI membership I hadn’t any particular expectations attending this convention, I just wanted discover, learn and have a great experience. At least I knew by participating I had the possibility to meet some wonderful people from all over the world, maybe being able to help some of them and with a slight chance even come across an opportunity for myself. Must say it got way over my expectations and I even got the chance to attend a conclave, special speed meeting to connect with 50 members from Singapore the day after my two official member days.

Must say it got way over my expectations and I even got the chance to attend a conclave, special speed meeting to connect with 50 members from Singapore the day after my two official member days. One of the first people I met was this wonderful woman from India while walking around during a short break. Not much time at that moment but we met throughout the event, spent some time talking and attending a session together so we got to know each other a bit more. She has created a perfect bag for business women like herself and me, very organized there’s a specific place for everything that you could possible need. Could say I was longing for it as I brought for packing convenience just a big hand bag with no separation inside and I’ll for sure check out her website to get one for myself. During the Conclave meeting I met another product developer but in a very different area, he has developed an antibacterial Screen protection for phones, tablets. Such a useful invention concerning our health and I hope I can help him out to launch it in France, that would be just amazing. The same with this person from the Netherlands who works with sustainable development projects. The problem to introduce these in France is the language so I might be able to contribute in some extent.  
So all these people are in different activities than my own but I also got the chance to meet people within the wellness and my Care & Share concept

So within all the people I met throughout the event some were more connected to my own activity and might even result in future business partnership. Can’t wait to get more information from the manufacture of eco-friendly bags from India, it would be so perfect for my gift bags as I was looking for a more sustainable and personalized option to classic gift boxes. I also got connected with a business developer from Germany who has this little small useful thing that you might find within one of my gift bags to come. Finally I met this man running a wellness home retreat in Phuket “Senses”, which just looks wonderful, would have loved to spend a few days extra at that family retreat before going home. We’ve got the chance to meet up a bit longer during the convention to know more about each other’s activities and maybe that will end up in some collaboration in the future.

So in the end what could I say more than this global convention has been extraordinary, I really love to connect with new people, I met so many more not mentioned here but still so valuable for me. If you go in with a Givers Gain attitude it’s really fun and challenging to try to figure out how to help each person you meet and when you get a chance to do it, it’s so gratifying. I will always remember how I connected two people I had met separately during the event just by asking the second person how I could help him. So now I know for sure that I love networking and when an opportunity like this comes your way, as it did for me, you just have to take the chance and see what it leads to. At least it couldn’t be less than staying at home.

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